Which is the best jack reacher book

I can’ t remember the first time I read a Jack Reacher novel. It has won numerous awards and for good reason – it does an amazing job at introducing you to Jack Reacher, and creating a great character right off the bat. What’ s came from that however is one of the best book series I’ ve ever read. I’ ve no idea what led me to the Reacher books at all – some random online recommendation I guess.

Child brings to life one of his best villains; a hook- handed, high- end bookie with a taste for blood. They are absolutely stand alones though so if you want to read the best of them, thats a tough one, but I would say either, One Shot, Bad. The 11 th book of the Reacher series is equally as strong as the 10 th, which is why it stands high on our list of best Jack Reacher books.
In this one, Reacher continues with his lone wolf antics, sent to investigate a crazy conspiracy. Which is weird – because I can’ t even think of my life WITHOUT Jack Reacher books. I think they can be enjoyed in any order, but if you plan on reading them all I would go from the first one. Jack Reacher as a character is the ultimate outcast hero, the guy who takes out the bad guys and lives to tell the tale. Now, should that be the criteria for how the Jack Reacher books are ranked?

Jack Reacher travels from Key West, Fla. Which is the best jack reacher book. Reacher finds himself in front of a lot of bad guys and too many bullets in this taut thriller. For those who have read every Jack Reacher book, the fandom is real. 2 Best Jack Reacher Book: Killing Floor; Killing FloorThe very first Jack Reacher book. By the number of bad dudes Jack disposes of along the way?

, to New York City when the past reaches out to him.

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